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“Eighty-five years from

now . . . The search will

continue for new ways and

new means for Orchard

Lake to more effectively

realize its ideals. We do

not pretend for a moment

that the search will be

easy; in fact, we are

prepared for an even more difficult eighty-five years

ahead as the world becomes more complex, more

demanding upon our time and our resources. We

are confident that we will do all that we want to do

. . . that we can continue to prepare Christian leaders

who are aware of their particular culture and heritage

and who will be positive contributing forces in their

own communities . . . that we will find the object of

our search, God, in heaven and in the company of our

fellow man.”

The Ladies Auxiliary National Officers pose with Fr. Walter

Ziemba, President Rector; L to R: Mrs. Francis Ogniewska,

Mrs. Ludomira Zak, Mrs. Mary Chromicz, Mrs. Mary

Borkowska, Mrs. Adele Cieslak, Mrs. Sophie Przybysz, Miss

Loretta Janiga. Not pictured: Mrs. Genevieve Wisniewski.

Campus Awaits New Robert K. Dombrowski Fieldhouse,

a gift of the P’51 grad.

The Orchard Lake Student . . . Very Special


Good News

, May 1970)

The Prep

Accredited by the University of Michigan

since 1915

Quota of 288 students (1970)

St. Mary’s College

Quota of 200 students


Small, residential, Christian atmosphere

Lay, Divinity & non-resident students

SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary

College’s graduate school of theology

Student studying for priesthood or permanent


Lay students taking graduate theology

Quota of 100

Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Krakow (St. JPII) visited

the Orchard Lake Schools campus for a second time

in 1976 (first visit in 1969), where he was provided

with opportunities to swim and go kayaking, and get

acquainted with Polonia (over)