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Mission to


Dear Friends, Alumni, and

Parents of Orchard Lake Schools and St. Mary’s Preparatory,

Best wishes from the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep Boarding Program and International

Student Department! Once again, it is my pleasure and honor to write to you as the Dean of

International Students, Boarding Admission, and Dormitory Supervisor. We are having a fantastic

year in our program, with developments in our International Student Department that I share with

you in this 100th edition of the

Orchard Lake Good News


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate the 11 international students who graduated in

May 2017. I am very proud of all of them for their academic achievements, passion, commitment, and hard work during their

time at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep (OLSM). Our senior students were accepted to some of the best universities in the United


Secondly, I would like to welcome 14 new students to our program, including five new domestic students, five Chinese

students, two Polish students, and two Nigerian students. I would also like to extend this welcome to three new staff members of

our program: Kevin Whitty (P’80) – resident advisor and teacher, Tyler Fenzel (P’15) – resident advisor and coach, and Yu Zhu

(David) (P’13) – international student liaison. In addition, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all other resident

advisors, student assistant resident advisors, teachers, administration and support staff for all of their hard work, help, and


Recently, in addition to the Dormitory

Supervisor position, I was appointed as the new

Dean of International Students and Boarding

Admissions. I was asked by the Orchard Lake St.

Mary’s Preparatory Board and the Orchard Lake

Schools to take this position as the next step to my

time at the business office as Business Manager.

I am very grateful to both entities for entrusting

me with such an important and difficult task, all

for the betterment of our Boarding Program and

International Student Department here at OLSM.

In December 2017, I was given another

opportunity (my third overall) to go to China to

by Mirko Vukelic