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Page Background

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mateusz St


siek; Deputy

Director of the Department of Public and Cultural Affairs,

and Secretary of the Council for Historical Diplomacy

at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Krzysztof

Strzałka; Consul General of the Republic of Poland in

Chicago Piotr Janicki; and Deputy Defense and Military

Attaché of the Embassy of Poland to the U.S. Colonel

Michał Sprengel. In addition, notable Catholic clergy

like Director of the St. John Paul II Intercultural Dialogue

Institute of Kraków Msgr. Czesław Bogdał; Director of

Radio Rodzina Catholic Radio of Poland Msgr. Cezary

Chwilczynski; Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit Francis

Reiss; and Pastor of Most Holy Trinity Parish of Detroit

& Ste. Anne Parish of Detroit Msgr. Charles Kosanke

joined Archbishops Vigneron and Polak for the celebratory


Fr. Król was born August 18, 1970 in Gorlice,

Poland, and grew up in the village of Stawisza. He later

emigrated to the U.S. and attended SSCMS and

Immaculate Conception Seminary of Seton Hall

University to complete theological studies, and was

ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Newark,

New Jersey on May 29, 1999. Throughout his

vocation, he served SSCMS as Dean of Human

Formation and Vice Rector, was president of the

Saint John Paul II Foundation Be Not Afraid Center,

and served as chaplain of numerous organizations,

including the Police and Fire Departments of

Linden, New Jersey and The Pulaski Parade

Committee. As the first Polish-born head of the

OLS in 50 years to lead America’s premier Polish

institution dedicated to Catholic faith, education,

and culture, Fr. Król now joins a path of leadership

pioneered by founder of the Orchard Lake Schools

Fr. Józef D


browski, who famously began the

mission of the OLS 133 years ago.