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Alumni Appreciation Night
September 25, 2015
Alumni Appreciation Night


Orchard Lake and its Alumni Association are a mutual admiration society in a true, mutually loving sense. Orchard Lake is interested in its Alumni and helps them in every practicable way. Alumni love their Orchard Lake and they respond and reciprocate.

The Orchard Lake Alumni Association is , today, a well-integrated, smoothly functioning body, incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan as a non-profit charitable organization. Student tuition and board pay approximately one half of the Orchard Lake Schools' operational expenses. The deficiency must be met from other sources of income. One of the most generous sources is the Alumni Association.

The purpose of the National Alumni Association is

  1. Sustenance of the spirit of brotherly love and mutual assistance among Alumni.
  2. Moral and material support of the Alma Mater.
and . . . is comprised of districts throughout the United States for the purpose of raising funds, recruiting students, and promoting the cause of their Alma Mater. Since 1885, 18,000 students have attended the Orchard Lake Schools.

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