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Transcript Requests

St. Mary's College

Transcript - PDF Form

    In order to process a transcript request, we need the following information.

    1-  Name
    2-  Name attended under (if different from above)
    3-  Address
    4-  Phone Number
    5-  Social Security Number
    6-  Last Completed Term
    7-  Signature
    8-  Number of Transcripts Requested
    9-  Official or Unofficial Copy
    10- Complete address of where you would like the transcript(s) sent
    11- Include the $4 fee for each copy via credit card (we need the cc #, expiration date, 3 12- digit code on back), or check (payable to St. Mary's College).

Students may print out the attached form and mail or fax it to us at:

St. Mary’s College
3535 Indian Trail
Orchard Lake, MI 48324
Linda McIntyre, Coordinator
Tel: 248-683-0522

St. Mary's Preparatory

Mary Ann Brecht, Academics Administrative Assistant - Registrar
Science Building
Office: 248-738-673